Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Roundup

Chocolate Extravaganza at the Museum of the Aleutians tonight.  We are so miserably full but it was well worth it.   :)    Here are some of Sharon's fabulous treats.

Kristine, Jane and Sharon 
More goodies

Bailey, not wanting to have her picture taken

A nice crowd inside the Museum

What a challenge to try everything!

The Museum is exhibiting Karel Machalek's amazing metalworks.  Rich and I both loved all of his unique sculptures.

It's been a full day.    In recognition of "Random Acts of Kindness Week,"  my coworkers and I distributed Hershey bars to unsuspecting folks around town.   On each candy bar, we taped a note that said, "It's Random Acts of Kindness Week!  Do something nice for someone--pass it on!"    It was great fun to see the smiles on people's faces when they read the note and realized what we were up to.

Tonight, Rich and I went to the Chocolate Extravaganza at the Museum.  As you can see from the photos, there was way too much chocolate and not enough tummy space.   We didn't get enough pictures to capture the full measure of all the scrumptious offerings, but you get the idea.  

On another note, I gave my notice at work today and am really excited that I will soon be starting a new job as the Development Director for Unalaska Community Broadcasting!   It's a step in a different direction for me, after being a social worker in various settings for all of my professional life.    I really can't wait to jump in!


Alaska Steve said...

Jane! I some how missed you tonight - I saw you and Rich across the room, but you were busy, so I went in to check out the exhibit and then Sharon's husband and I pretty much talked kayaks for the rest of the night, until they dimmed the lights on us! What a fun time, and the chocolates were amazing! Congratulations on you new job, you'll have to tell me more about that sometime.

Gigi said...

Hey Steve--yes, I saw you in the corner once and then you were gone! I was going to introduce you and Rich. Sorry we missed you but glad you had a nice time. I am still full! Have a good weekend and a happy Valentine's Day with your sweetie.

Anonymous said...

The Extravaganza was so much fun. But I am much more interested in the fact that you gave your notice today! What will they do without you.

I am thrilled that you will be branching out to a new field. I admire you so much already for the work you have done and for your championship of the community. I am excited for you and for all of us who will benefit from your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I lost my husband for quite a while at the Museum. I wonder where he might have been? Steve?

Bubbe said...

Congratulations, Jane, on the new job and on leaving the old one! It sounds very exciting. And how cool about the chocolate bars. I wish I had thought of something like that for my students to do. Maybe we can have our own RAK week at school.

Suzassippi said...

Yummy! Love the sculpture, too. I did the proposal for the class yesterday finally, and got all excited again about coming up there in August. Congratulations on your new job, and I am so excited for you and can't wait for the new adventures.

Lauri said...

I was one of the recipients of a chocolate bar. Thanks Jane! I gobbled it up immediately! Was very much appreciated.

I'm excited for you about your new job, congrats! This community is lucky to have you in it.

mamawas said...

best wishes for success at the museu Jane. Chocolate looks lovely too.

Gigi said...

Thanks, everyone! I am looking forward to a new adventure. Kath and Susan, can't wait for you to come and visit.

cookie dough said...

I'm still pouting. We will miss Jane's happy voice! I completely understand though and need to just get out and attend functions and volunteer at UCB more to see her! UCB is lucky to have you, you will be a great asset to them!