Saturday, February 14, 2009

How I spent my Valentine's Day

Driving across the bridge

I went with my friend Judi to record for Story Corps.   She wanted to preserve some stories about her father and I got to have a conversation with her.  It was neat to hear about her dad and some of her memories.

Sharon, Judi and Kristine after doing Judi's story.

Then I stopped by the hotel to see my hard working husband who is prepping for the special Valentine's dinner tonight.

Click on the photos of the menus if you can't quite see the print.    I know it will be a delicious treat for those who attend.   Unfortunately, when the chef is working, his wife doesn't get to go out to dinner with him.    :(

Creme Brulee--my favorite!

Despite my whining, I am really having a good day just doing my thing and trying to get my house in order.   Funny how working part time has not helped me to stay on top of things any better.  I can always find something more interesting to do than dusting and sweeping, imagine that.     :)   

Rich bought me some of Sharon's fabulous chocolates last night so I am thinking about having one or two or three in a little while.   Mmmmm, mmmmm, good!    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Lauri said...

I wish my "Valentine" was home instead of out fishing...I'm sure he'd take me to the Grand for what I am SURE will be a great time, and the food to die for! Your husband is an awesome Chef! Happy Valentine's Day :)

Gigi said...

Wish your sweetie was home, too, Lauri! Thanks, I know Rich appreciates the kind words. Maybe you and I should have made a date if we'd known we were both going to be alone on Valentine's! :)

Suzassippi said...

Okay, I have the tops of the valentine's story. First, Randy took me to lunch at Nogoyo's Japanese and we had a lovely lunch. Then we BOTH got TWO new pairs of athletic shoes each. LOL

I spent the afternoon out in the yard with the chimenea, and then Rando cooked supper and we watched a great movie. I reached over to get my wine glass---and there was a jewel box! I had a lovely new heart necklace!

There is a bottle of champagne chilling even as we speak. Can life be so good?

Gigi said...

Ohhhh, that's so nice!! I'm glad you had a special Valentine's Day. Tell Randy he gets big points, especially for the two new pairs of athletic shoes each. LOL

Suzassippi said...

And this is form the most non-romantic guy ever! I forgot to mention I had the new Bruce Springsteen album on my computer when I came out of the shower this morning! Who would have thought after 27 years of marriage and no valentine presents? :)

Gigi said...

Wow, what's gotten into him??!!! :)

cookie dough said...

The teens went to the dinner and we were sort of dissuaded from going? LOL funny kid. I had a busy day, Mandy and I got our hair done and went to Story Corps, she got lots of presents and a dinner she chose )chicken nuggets and homemade french fries --YUK)
We still have the 5 layer cake to eat 3 layers of cake one of mint ice cream and one of cookie dough. Covered in whipped cream. Ohh and I got chocolate covered strawberries too..

Gigi said...

Funny they don't want you around when they get to a certain age! :) Oh wow, that's a lot of junk--I am shocked! LOL You will be happy to do THE BIGGEST WINNER tomorrow. I am eating chocolate today but trying to be good starting tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Mandy!

Sweet P said...

Ooooooo . . . what a wonderful dinner your husband was cooking! If the hotel wasn't so far away from New Hampshire I would have come and eaten there.

Say hi to Judi for me. I know her from the Quilt Pocket. That's how I found your blog.

Bubbe said...

If I could go to Rich's dinner, I'd go back to celebrating Valentines' Day! Around here, it's just another day, though I did have to take Eli to buy presents for his girlfriend-a big stuffed animal, a box of chocolate AND roses. Somehow I managed to raise a romantic male...It definitely couldn't have been his father's influence! haha.

Gigi said...

Hi Sweet P and thanks! I will tell Judi hi. She is a natural born storyteller.

Kath, sweet about Eli being a romantic. I love that!