Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Springsteen Snowy Sunday

I'm not too much into football but I had to keep an eye on the game to see the half-time show.   Bruce and the E Street Band looked like they were having a great time...really reminded me of being at one of their concerts, which are about the best I've ever seen (okay, tied with my other favorite band, U2).   They always put on such high energy, big time fun rock and roll shows, 3 or more hours till you're totally worn out.  I was hoping they might be playing in Jersey or Philly when we go back in June, but no, they are going to be in Europe.  I can't believe Bruce does not consult me about his touring schedule.  :)   Yes, most of my family are big Springsteen fans--it's in our New Jersey genes.  A few years ago, there was an email circulating called "You know you are from South Jersey if..." -- one of the signs was "at least three people in your family still love Bruce Springsteen and one of them is your mother."   Sarah called me to make sure I was watching the half time show, just to prove that point.   

Yesterday Rich and I  went to the Burma Road Chapel to meet with Sharon and Kristine to record my Story Corps conversation.   Rich asked me some questions and I mostly just talked his ears off for 40 minutes.  It was so easy (at least for a talker!)   In fact, I talked way too much about my early life and had to hurry up and condense the last 20 years into a few final minutes. We should have planned better!   

I am trying to convince Rich to go back and record his story next. This is a really cool project that ties in with all of the things we've been discussing about culture and history and passing down family tales.   You can talk about anything you want to talk about, your conversation is preserved in local archives and in the state of AK and in the Library of Congress.   It's weird to think that our great-great grandchildren could access the recording and actually hear our voices many years down the road (unless technology changes too much and CDs are no longer viable!) All you local folks need to contact Sharon or Kristine and make an appointment--call 359-8016!  If you need someone to converse with, I am really nosy and would love to volunteer to go with you.   :)  Check out Sharon's blog on the right of this page, Unalaska From My Point of View, for more information.

We had another snowy day and I was just as happy to stay in the house and get a few things done here while Rich worked an extra long day with Brunch and Super Bowl party food to get out.   I can't believe it's already February (and almost Monday).


Sarah Durham said...

Bruce was AWESOME! Totally made me wish we were at his concert together!

Gigi said...

Me, too! Wish he was playing in Jersey in June.

Betty said...

I missed Bruce as I'm not really into football and forgot he was in halftime.

That is really neat about the story log or whatever it's called. I will certainly check into it. Wanted to tell you that the Reader Unc Bill sent me for Christmas is awesome. It's only the size of a paperback but very thin, maybe 1/2 in. and I have downloaded 2 books already. It holds 150. You may want to check it out so you won't have to carry so many books to the shore.

Bubbe said...

Is that a Kindle, Mom? I've read about it, and it sounds cool especially as I'm having a more difficult time seeing the small print even with glasses! I caught some of Bruce, and he was definitely awesome! He's coming to Austin soon. I love the story idea, Jane- very cool.

Gigi said...

You should go see him in Austin. I need to plan my vacations better. LOL

So the reader thing isn't hard to manage, Mom? Easy to read?

I'm not sure if Story Corps is everywhere or not but you could look for it. An anonymous person made a donation so that AK could be included and Unalaska was one of only four sites in the state.

cookie dough said...

You convinced me...I bought a BS album last year!

I missed the entire superbowl as I was traveling.

I've got a few ideas for Story Corps myself!!

cookie dough said...

ohh I'm excited my husband should be in town for V-day! We can go to the special dinner (as long as I'm not stuck due to that darn volcano!!)