Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unalaska Community Broadcasting's Annual Fundraising Auction

Ray and Rich make pizzas for the auction volunteers' dinner.   Mmmm, mmmm, good!

It was a beautiful evening and the sun was just starting to set as I drove across to "the other side" to work at the auction.   I decided to try a quick couple of shots out the windshield.  

Here's Rhonda hard at work entering winning bids into the computer.   We got so busy that I failed to get any photos during the auction itself.   Ooops!   

Working the phones

Breaking down at the end of the night

Our local TV and radio station's big fundraising auction was held Thursday through Saturday nights.  While staff and volunteers were scurrying around to make sure that the event came off without too many glitches, local folks were able to sit in the comfort and warmth of their own living rooms while calling in bids on the many great items up for sale.   Donations of auction items run the gamut from the silly (a toilet paper roll with a radio in it) to the beautiful (a homemade quilt by my friend Judi) to the adventurous (a sightseeing flight on the Pen Air Goose) to local culture (a mini Bentwood visor or an island tour).  Not to mention many hoodies, sweatshirts, tshirts and caps depicting the logos of local businesses, lots of local services, and of course, many fabulous dining possibilities.  I had the opportunity to do a little bit of everything from answering phones to being an on air host with Judi to helping Rhonda keep track of the different batches of items, entering data, and calling people to let them know that they WON (the most fun job of all).   

Rich and the hotel donated food for the volunteers--he made a variety of gourmet sandwiches one night and pizza last night.   I can always call on him to support my many activities and appreciate that very much.     And, of course, the food always gets rave reviews.  More than one person told me that they had no idea how he could make sandwiches taste that good.  :)

Looks like we had another successful auction and membership drive and had a lot of fun at the same time.   If you would like to become a member of Unalaska Community Broadcasting, go to the website at and sign up.  For anyone who pledges $125, your name will be entered into a drawing for a round trip Alaska Air ticket from Unalaska to Anchorage or Seattle. Memberships must be purchased by this coming Wednesday.  I believe we are drawing the winner's name on the air on Flash Unalaska at 8 PM Wed.    You also get a very cool UCB sweatshirt.   See the website or call 581-1888 for more details.  Support your local radio and TV!


cookie dough said...

I hate that I wasn't there! But I love this small town, Derick wanted to win the big board item where Chris from the Gyrfalcon teaches you how to cook a brunch and then you eat it...he was outbid (it totally looked like after the clock stopped but we're not complaining it was more money for KUCB!) anyway, Patty G wrote me and told me she heard it was Derick and said they didn't really want it and we could buy it from them...soo sweet!
I think Troy is not going to be into being filmed, I'll invite Patty to be my date as Derick and I are splitting the cost.
Channel 8 is fun!
I missed all that food, well, this is a full-of-food week missing a bunch of delicious snacks is probably a good thing!

Betty said...

It sounded like a good time for all. How did you display the items? They should do something like that here!

Bubbe said...

Looks like a lot of fun and good food for a great cause! I can't wait 'til I get to visit!

online quilting community said...

It sounded like a good time for all. How did you display the items?