Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter in Unalaska

A little more snow came falling today.

After work, we took a drive to enjoy the sunshine and snow.   This is the historic Russian Orthodox Church.

What  a peaceful view.

We drove past the quarry but couldn't get too far into the hills before the road got slippery and we turned back.

A view of downtown, near my office.

I took a photo of this house surrounded by buttercups in the summer.  I like its look in winter, too.

Another view of downtown.

The Grand Aleutian Hotel where Rich  heads to work each day.

We live in the middle duplex with the bright buoys in front and a gorgeous view of the bay.

It's Friday!   Happy weekend, everyone.   


Alaska Steve said...

Great pictures . . . this is an interesting time of year to capture images, you have to fight the weather and the lighting. I love that picture of the old house! It was such a beautiful day today, the storms put the sun in perspective . . .

cookie dough said...

I really enjoyed the pics too! Seems like we all were driving around enjoying the interesting weather today.
How is your mouth feeling?

Anonymous said...

We were all out enjoying! Love the serenity in your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Suzassippi said...

Love the church photo and the old house. (You know I love an old house like nothing else!)

Lauri said...

Wow, love your photos....'twas truly a beautiful day!

Gigi said...

Yeah, it was a great day to be out and about, looks like everyone had the same idea! I love the old house, too. Sometimes there's a cat sitting in the broken window but I haven't caught him in a photo yet. (Rich took most of the photos except the house and downtown).

CD, my mouth is much better but still sore. (Dental work, for anyone who's wondering!)

Thanks, all.

Bubbe said...

Beautiful! I love pictures of snow- I just don't want to be IN it! How many extra points is it when you see a cat in the window? Remember that crazy game? :) I know you lost all of your points when you passed a cemetery, and white horses were also extra. Your friends probably think you have a very strange sister. Ok- so maybe they're right.