Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winding down

Just a few more photos to catch up on the last couple of days of our trip.

We drove by on the way out of town and got a few more shots of the Palace of Fine Arts.

I liked these tiled steps going into a house nearby.

Hannah collected water for her science project when we stopped at a beach along the coast road. It wasn't working too well with shoes on, so off they came. Hope her mom doesn't get upset when she sees these!

With Rich's sister, Vesta

We took Hannah and her friend Maria out for lunch at a Mexican place.

We arrived in Mariposa yesterday afternoon to deliver Hannah back home and to visit with Rich's ex-wife Joy and family. We had a lot of fun with grandkids Hayden, (twins) Emily and Cody, and new baby Buddy along with Rich's stepkids Sara and William and William's wife Stephanie. Nana Jean filled us up with some great homemade soup and bread. Today we picked up Hannah and her friend Maria so we could hang out with them a little bit, had some lunch and did a little bit of browsing in some of the local shops before taking them back home and saying our goodbyes.

We are hoping for an early start tomorrow morning, going back to San Francisco for one more night and then flying all the way to Anchorage on Tuesday. Hopefully we will not have any big trouble getting home to Unalaska on Wednesday. Another vacation draws to a close! We always love our trips, visiting people and new places and having some relaxing time. It's always good to go home, though, and we are about ready to get back to our routine, see how our cats are doing, check the big box of mail that's waiting for us, and settle in to our regular life on our little island.


Carlisleboy said...

Hey Gigi!
Do You guys have access to Rich's E-mail. I can send you a picture of something interesting That came for you concerning Jan 20th.

mm said...

We have snow, it's GREAT!
I'm leaving tomorrow so I won't see you until TUE am, but have a great & uneventful trip home and don't expect your luggage to come with you!!!

Gigi said...

Yeah, we can access Rich's email but we are leaving in the AM so it's really no biggie. We'll be home on Wed.

Mel, have fun and I will see you when you get back! I am not looking forward to snow or to delayed luggage. LOL

Carlisleboy said...

Yeah, Back On Wednesday.......LOL.
Sig, OP and Michelle Cochran were delayed for 4 days in Anchorage and Just got in today before the new storm front moving In. I'll see you MAYBE for Sunday Brunch.....LOL
Check rich's E-Main in a Bit and I will send you a Picture. It will warm your DemocRATic hearts.

Gigi said...

Nothing like a little vacation in Anchorage. :)

Suzassippi said...

Have a good trip home and hope you enjoyed the last day. I am so ready to get home myself. I should have stuck with my original "one week" plan. LOL