Saturday, January 10, 2009


We left San Francisco on Thursday afternoon, took the scenic route along the coast for part of the way, enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean and beaches. Hannah has been keeping a journal for school and we also stopped to fill a bottle with ocean water to take back for microscopic examination. The drive to Kingsburg took longer than expected and we arrived at Rich's sister Vesta's just in time to wolf down big bowls of chili and buttery squares of cornbread she had ready for us. Yum! We've mostly taken it easy here, relaxing, chatting, reminiscing, playing Sorry and Life and Jenga with Hannah, looking at old photos and family keepsakes. And going out to eat, which is a given, I suppose...! :)

We helped Vesta set up her own blog, Vesta's Vista, so we will be looking forward to further adventures and lots of posts, Vesta!

Today we are hitting the road again, taking Hannah home to Mariposa and visiting some more of her family till Monday.

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Vesta said...

Hey Jane, great to see you! :) Your pictures are fantastic!!