Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brrrrrrrr! Back to Anchorage

Coit Tower and the neighborhood around our hotel last night.

Mt. Ranier from the airplane today.

It's snowing in Anchorage!

Up early this morning and off to the airport for our flights from San Francisco to Seattle and Seattle to Anchorage. Long day but fairly uneventful except for a little bit of turbulence coming in tonight, and then we sat on the plane for 25 more minutes because the ground crew could not get the jetway to connect with the plane properly due to the cold. Finally, we all exited out the back of the plane and walked across the snowy runway to the terminal. We are staying in the vicinity of the airport, no vehicle, so just walked a short distance to a restaurant for dinner and brought some pie back to our room for later. It was 27 degrees when we arrived and I'm sure the temp has dropped some more~

Hopefully we will be home tomorrow, weather and Pen Air permitting. :)


Sarah Durham said...

Brrr! I hope you make it home safely. I am sorry I missed your call the other night. I have a stomach bug so I have been pathetic the past few nights. Feeling better today though!

Suzassippi said...

According to Rando, it is almost that cold in Mississippi! They had snow in the forecast but took it out!

Gigi said...

1:38 PM On weather hold at ANC airport. If we don't leave by 3, we will most likely be cancelled today because the planes won't fly into Unalaska in the dark. You should see this place!! It is PACKED with people waiting to get to Unalaska. Prime time for processors coming in. There are no seats and people are all over the floor.

Bubbe said...

I hope you get home soon! We're in the middle of our "big chill," but it can't compare to where you are. It was 29 this morning, but by noon we were in the high 60's and the sun was out. Safe travels!