Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Susan!

I am not sure how it's possible that my BABY, my youngest, is 26 years old today! Happy Birthday, Susan, and we hope you have a great year ahead. I have lots of cute photos from years gone by that I will post when I get home...most of them are old (read: before digital) and have to be scanned first. I did not think about that before we left on vacation, so you will have a late retrospective in a few more days.

We love you lots and will talk with you soon.
Mom and Rich xoxoxoxox


Suzassippi said...

Happy Birthday, Susan! Love, Susan

Betty said...

Happy Birthday, Susan! Your birthday always creeps up on me as yours is always the first one! Love you!

Bubbe said...

Yes, happy birthday, Susan! Tomorrow is Aden's, so we had his party today. Hope yours was super! Love, Aunt K.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!! Love, Kristinn, Tim, Gabe & Sofia