Monday, January 5, 2009

A drizzly day in San Francisco does not stop us from hitting the streets

Here are the last few photos from Sedona, with Sarah & Miles, Bonnie & Dave engaged in their never ending game of Spades. Susan was already in bed--she who states she is "not much of a game-player."

Ally loved running and playing outside when we stopped at an outlet mall on the way to Phoenix.

Aidan demonstrated his skills on the monkey bars.

We've walked and walked and caught a few rides on the trolleys in San Francisco. Who can beat a $1.50 fare?

Anyone for a delicious cupcake on the Wharf?

Look at all this junk for sale!

There was a little play going on, complete with an older woman walking across a pole. I only wish I had such great balance!

Part of the Fisherman's Wharf area as the sun was going down.

Our dinner was delicious at Boulevard last night. The place was packed and we had to wait a little while but it was definitely worth it. Our server was very friendly and wrote down some other restaurant suggestions for us, plus she comped our dessert!

This morning we actually slept in a little bit. It was colder, foggy and rainy, but we decided to walk back to the Ferry Market to have lunch at The Slanted Door. Another fabulous meal (Vietnamese) that did not disappoint. Good thing we are doing some walking, though we are probably gaining weight anyway with all of the eating we are doing! I was pretty cold and wet by the time we got there so we did take the trolley back to the general vicinity of the hotel after eating, and stopped in at Walgreen's to get a few items, including a zip-up tote bag to carry our extra stuff that's making us over the limit for baggage!

Rich was researching restaurants for dinner tonight but got frustrated with the whole thing and we've about decided that we will walk to Trader Joe's and buy some fresh food to eat in our room. It's one of those lazy days and I think we will just take it easy since the weather isn't great and we are a little tired from all of our traveling. Staying in the room has also helped me with my 100 book goal as I finished my first one this afternoon, The Female Brain, by Louann Brizendine, MD. Very interesting (and fairly quick) read about the role of hormones in female thinking, emotion and behavior over the lifespan. Not only good for women to read but maybe also the men who love them. :)

Speaking of reading, we stopped in a local bookstore, Book Passage, and bought a few more (hence the increased need for an extra bag). Although we do love the big bookstores for all of their variety and the sheer numbers of possibilities, we think it's important to support smaller independent bookstores, too. It's sad that so many of them cannot compete any more and have trouble staying in business. I picked up their newsletter and we were really impressed with all that's going on in the area--lots of authors giving readings and making appearances, lots of book clubs and writer's groups and classes. Dave Eggers, former President Jimmy Carter, Isabel Allende, and Rabbi Sherre Hirsch are just four of many who will be speaking over the next few months. It would be fun to live somewhere with so many opportunities (some day!) I would gladly work in a bookstore in my retirement.


Bubbe said...

Some of my favorite authors! I just read a story called "My Mom, the Adulteress," in a magazine- written by a woman whose mom is a teacher who's been having a love affair with a married man for nearly 40 years- actually very well written and very interesting too. Glad you're getting some rest and good food in S.F. It's cold and rainy here, too. Just two days ago we were hitting 80 degrees, and today the high was 45. yuck. We, as always DO need the rain, so I shouldn't complain...Stay warm!

Suzassippi said...

sounds like Mississippi from what Randy said--cold and raining. It is quite lovely here tonight again. :)

Alaska Steve said...

Working in a bookstore in retirement has always been a dream of mine, and I always frequent the little independent ones whenever I can . . . I heard there used to be a little bookstore out here not too many years ago, do you know anything about that?