Monday, January 5, 2009

San Francisco Sights

Some shots from our walk today.

I thought this was a cool little car!

Shopping at the Ferry Market.

Bridge and fog


We walked to Trader Joe's and across the street to Safeway to get some bread, cheese, fruit, heirloom tomatoes, salad, and eclairs for supper. Then a stop at Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble for some iced tea for me, where the guy behind the counter was nice enough to give us two plastic forks and a discount for having a BN membership. Came back to our room and had our nice little meal. It stopped raining but it's still a little chilly. We are just hanging out and enjoying ourselves. Good night, everyone!


Carlisleboy said...

You are in San Fran and just hanging out in your room tonight? GIRRRRLLLLLL!!!!You have to go to "End Up" to start out the night, then to the "Truck BAR" for some gourmet Pub Grub and then pick up that nights entertainment at "The Stud"!!!
Ohhhhhhhh Wait......Married straight people.
Forget everything I just told you.

Gigi said...

No, we are not party-ers nor bar hoppers, sorry to be so boring. LOL