Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year from Sedona

The past couple of days have been busy! Yesterday, we took a drive to Montezuma's Castle, misnamed when those who discovered the remains made the assumption that Montezuma had been to this area. It was interesting to imagine what it was like to live in a dwelling on the hillside hundreds of years ago.

Susan and Ally in the car

Elle enjoys her stroller ride.

Ally prefers climbing.

On the way to the ruins.

The remains of a Native American cliff dwelling.

We are loving the warm weather!

Rich and I took a little side trip to see some shops in town.

Today we went to see the Holy Cross Chapel, built on the red rocks outside Sedona.
Lovely cactus flowers

More stunning red rocks

The Holy Cross Chapel

Back at home, we enjoyed some time out on the deck.
This is the stream running by the back of the house.

The boys love the hot tub.

Miles, David and Bonnie went to see the ruins of Tuzigoot. Poor Bonnie has been sick; we think she got food poisoning from our New Year's Eve dinner. She spent most of yesterday in bed but was feeling a little better today.

We were trying to get photos of the grandkids for late Christmas/New Year's cards to send out to family and friends. It's pretty hard to get three active little ones to sit together for long. But they are awfully darned cute, aren't they?

Aidan and Elle. Ally did not want to sit with them and pose.

Elle, Aidan and Ally. They were having fun looking at books but not really posing for the photographer.

Ally was happy as long as we weren't trying to contain her in one spot.

Big brother Aidan and little sister Ally

Aidan is the sweetest boy ever.

Elle is just starting to walk and is so proud of herself.

Tonight is our last night in Sedona. After we went to the chapel, we walked around downtown and had some lunch on an outdoor patio in the sunshine. Bonnie made us some spaghetti for supper and the kids have been playing their never-ending game of Spades all night. Aidan was bored and built a fort in the dining room; now he is asking if he can sleep there. We still have to clean the kitchen and finish laundry before bedtime. The house has to be vacated by 11 AM and then we are driving back to Phoenix where all of the kids have evening flights out and Rich and I are spending the night before flying to San Francisco on Sunday. We have loved our time in Sedona with blue skies, warm breezes, and lots of family fun.

Here's hoping 2009 will be the best ever!


Bubbe said...

Sorry to hear Bonnie's been sick! Looks like the fun is continuing, though- some beautiful pictures. I would love to see some of the sights you've been to in person. Last night was a Letterman re-run with John McCain, and he (Mc) was talking about his "ranch" near Sedona and how much he loves it there. He was actually pretty funny and had nothing but good things to say about Obama and Hillary, and a few funny remarks about his running mate... Have a great trip to San Francisco- man, doesn't time fly when you're with your loved ones?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to spend the holidays! Hope you have a peaceful journey back to Dutch Harbor!


Betty said...

How I envy all your side trips. Even though I've been to Tucson, I have never been to Sedona but i'LL CERTAINLY put it on my list for places to go. I love the pictures of the kids and grandkids!