Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More San Fran Fun

Trolley ride

Farmer's Market today....Rich enjoys some home made tamales

from Donna's

Cable car

Shoe shine, anyone?

Found this sign and thought I would put it to good use.

Hannah joined us tonight and we had a rousing game of "Scene It?" Hannah won, Rich was second and Jane had a very poor showing in third place. Who knew my reservoir of Disney knowledge was so shallow?


Suzassippi said...

What's up with that coat, girl? Don't you know it is 80 something degrees today with 300 % humidity. LOL I have been working so hard, no time to take pictures! Maybe on Friday, as we have a holiday at school and I am playing tourist.

Bubbe said...

Loved the sign! I'll remember that when I retire... :) (Mine will say "Need cash for FOOD research," though- I'm not as interesting, I'm sure, as the guy/gal who wrote your sign.) Glad to see that the fun continues!

Betty said...

Mine will say "Just Need Cash" for my retirement! LOL!