Monday, January 12, 2009

We love San Francisco!

Wind power all along the highway back to the city.

We drove back in from Mariposa this morning, encountering quite a bit of fog for the first hour or so, then smooth sailing the rest of the way. We pricelined another hotel (we have done great with priceline on this trip!), the Hilton in the Financial District, right next to Chinatown. They let us check in early and they even have free wireless in the room, which has been hard to find lately! We returned the rental car and walked to the cable car for a ride to Chinatown. It was such a warm day! Did not even feel like January. We had a fabulous Chinese lunch, then walked back to the hotel so I could do some work (bummer! it's vacation, isn't it??!)

Who knew that Rich had a side business in San Francisco?

Sights in Chinatown

Later, we went back out for another walk so we could soak up the last of the sunshine.

People waiting for the bus

Still later, we walked around the corner to have dinner at a cute little Italian place. The Italian-speaking staff were friendly as can be, the food was delicious and we had to try the panna cotta even though we were stuffed. Their bakery display case was full of more goodies.

We've really enjoyed our several stays in San Francisco. It's such a vibrant city with so many interesting neighborhoods, lots to do, great public transportation, cool markets and shops, nice weather...

Now we are trying to re-pack for the plane tomorrow and hoping we are not over the weight limit! I hear Unalaska's had snow and bad weather so who knows what our chances look like for arrival home on Wednesday. Tomorrow we go as far as Anchorage (hopefully) and will spend the night there. Oh yeah, we still need to priceline another room!


Suzassippi said...

And another adventure goes by the Bye-side. :) Glad you have had such a great trip and hope you have happy flying home and get in with your luggage right on time. I am still "under the weather" here, and the weather is stormy again today as well, so it looks like a slow day for the most part. I am ready to go home. :)

mm said...

The snow is THICK today!
I'm supposed to be going to ANC, but between the snow, a sick 10 yo and the boat leaving tomorrow....I don't think it's going to happen. Tomorrow could very well be totally clear of course!!

Carlisleboy said...

You Got ANOTHER letter from those people about Jan 20th that I sent pictures of to Rich.
It might be something important Oh crazy one.

Alena! said...

It's snaining! the snow has gone from a almost solid to an almost liquid form. Its nice cause you can have a quick and refreshing ice cold foot bath if you don't tread carefully.

Bubbe said...

San Francisco looks like a great place to eat!! I hope you make it back with no weather or hotel troubles. Take the SF sunshine back with you. It's supposed to get down to 25 degrees here tonight- I always crack up because the meteorologists start talking about the "big chill," and all the kids start hoping for snow so that they can have a day off from school. It's only happened ONCE in the past 50 years, and that was 24 years ago! I love San Antonio...

Gigi said...

MM--Sorry for a sick child and maybe you can stay home...we are in ANC, hope we get out tomorrow! It's cold here!

CB--Rich can't get into his email, no biggie, I cannot go anywhere on the 20th anyway. It's probably just because I was a big ole volunteer. Quit digging through my mail!

Alena--wow, that sounds VERY inviting! :)

Kath--SF was fabulous, wish I could bring the warm weather home with me but that ain't happenin'. Hope you don't freeze in SA!

Suz--hope you get well and get home soon!