Sunday, January 4, 2009

Phoenix and on to San Francisco

Just a quick note to catch everyone up and I will try to post some photos later or tomorrow. We have dinner reservations at Boulevard, a renowned San Francisco restaurant (yes, we continue to eat our way through vacation!) so I can't tarry too long on the blog.

Yesterday we were up early to get everyone ready and straighten up the house before we had to check out at 11 AM. We had a little bit of excitement when the house alarm started screeching very loudly and we could not turn it off. No telling what the neighbors thought! Several nights before, we had taken down one of the smoke detectors because it was beeping incessantly to let us know the battery was low. I asked Miles to put it back in place before we left so we would not get in any trouble for dismantling it, and apparently when he tried to replace it, it set off the house alarm somehow. We were frantically searching for directions for the alarm and for the emergency number for the house rental company when the alarm company finally called us. However, they refused to turn off the alarm until they got in touch with the owners. We were joking about saying, "yes, we are robbing the house, but would you please turn off the alarm?!" Eventually, the alarm stopped and the owner called to make sure everything was all right, was very nice to Miles and commented that he hoped we had enjoyed our stay. I imagine he was grateful we hadn't burned his house down. The funniest thing was that Elle was napping and slept through the whole ordeal. We'd been shushing the kids and sometimes the adults through the week so they wouldn't wake up napping babies. When we realized Elle hadn't even stirred, Rich quipped "and you were telling me MY VOICE was TOO LOUD??!"

We loaded our gear into the two cars and headed back toward Phoenix, stopping at an outlet mall to kill about an hour before we had to return the rental vehicles. Did a little shopping and let the grandkids run around on the playground and burn off some energy. We helped the kids check in at the airport and said our goodbyes, always hard to do since we are never sure when we will see them next. We do have our summer trip to the Jersey shore planned in June, though, so we can look forward to that. The week seemed to fly by, as always, and we never seem to be able to squeeze in everything we thought about doing. But it was still wonderful to have our family time (missed you, Corey!) The grandkids are precious and growing fast. I miss everyone already!

Rich and I spent the night in downtown Phoenix, walked around, browsed some shops and had a great Mexican dinner at a place called mi amigos. We were stuffed but we had to split some flan. Can't go to a Mexican restaurant and NOT try the flan! Up early this morning (I can't think of a day on this vacation that I have actually slept very late, darn it!) and off to the airport, had a smooth flight to San Francisco and arrived around noon time here. We pricelined rooms in Phoenix and San Francisco so we are feeling pretty cocky about good prices at nice hotels. LOL We are near Fisherman's Wharf; went out right away and had some lunch, walked around for a couple of hours, rode the cable car down to the Ferry Market and strolled through the shops there. On the way back to the hotel, we spied a Barnes and Noble where I used a Christmas gift card (and, of course, I had to add money of my own because I can't set limits on myself when it comes to books) to get started on my 100 book challenge for 2009. (Okay, I was just going to do 50, but I see that Alaska Steve is going to strive for 100, so I am IN!)

We will be here till Thursday and then to Rich's sister Vesta's in Kingsburg. Rich's stepdaughter Hannah is being dropped off with us on Tuesday and we will take her home to Mariposa on Saturday when we go to see some more of Rich's ex-family. (Yes, it's a modern world!)


Betty said...

Guess it was sad to say goodbye to the kids but what good memories to keep! So you're doing the 100 books challenge, heh? I never thought of it but guess I could easily compete against you...ha! I just finished my first. Have a good time in Calif. Best to Vesta when you see her.

Gigi said...

Yes, you should join me! You can list them on Shelfari. What book did you just read?

Sarah Durham said...

Miss you so much already mom! Miles and I were laying in bed last night talking about how we miss our fun game nights in Sedona! Love you lots and can't wait until Jersey!

Gigi said...

We love y'all and it was great fun to have everyone together! I know it gets a little hectic and crazy but we wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have that time with all of you. Hope you are getting back into your daily routine! Kiss Elle for me.

Suzassippi said...

I say next Christmas in Belize!

Bubbe said...

Great story about the alarm! I thought those things only happened to me...:) I could probably do the book challenge, too. I read 4 over the holiday, but 3 of them were young adult books- trying to keep up with my students! Alana is trying to get me to read the Twilight series, and I should since all of my girls at school are reading it. Alana admits the books are pretty cheesy, but she says they're fun. I'm just not sure I like some of the message they send to young girls, but that's another story. How's San Francisco?

Gigi said...

Belize sounds great! Maybe so...!

I keep hearing about the Twilight books, too, though I can't say I am too interested. There are too many others I'd rather read first and probably would never get around to them! You will have to let me know what you think if you do get into them.

We are enjoying San Francisco, though it is cold and rainy today. I was remembering the time we were here and rode bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge!