Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun on the Radio

Melanie and I guest DJ'ed together. We had fun even though she had to play country music. :) Just kidding, Mel. I think I want to be a DJ in my next life.

Here are the fabulous people I work with: Lauren and Anne above, and Daniel below. Of course, Pipa, the camera shy one, took her photo out of the set she passed to me. I will have to grab it off my work computer.

Below are Darrell and Dan from the hotel having a big ole time playing music and raising lots of money.

Willie, Glenn and Jeff from the hotel stopped by to visit us and hand over some cash. Thanks, guys!

There are lots more photos and a re-cap on the kucb blog: www.kucb.wordpress.com. Check it out.

It was a beautiful sunny day today. Almost fooled me into thinking we were avoiding winter but I know that's not really gonna happen. Rich has been carving another pumpkin--this time, a witch. He's getting into this pumpkin carving thing! I'll put up a photo tomorrow.


Margrita said...

Looks like you had a great time. A witch carved into a pumpkin sounds awesome I love the Scary fraidy cat one looks great. So glad your fund raiser went well.

Gigi said...

Thanks, Margrita! We've had a lot of fun the last week! Happy Halloween!

Cookie Dough said...

That was a lot of fun...I have to say I would choose to be a TV announcer instead of a DJ. TV everything is done for you, on the radio you have to do moe on your own...I think I'm a princess!!

I enjoyed the shows all day, but I think Dan & Darryl's was especially funny and upbeat!

Gigi said...

Yeah, radio is definitely more nerve wracking. On TV, we can just relax and read while the professionals are behind the scenes! I agree with you on Dan and Darrell. Everyone else was a lot of fun but they are the masters of guest DJing.