Sunday, October 4, 2009


Rich caught the full moon last night while I was out having a spooktacular time at Halloween bunco.

Last week began with a strong feeling of dread which was building toward Wednesday, when one of my death row clients was scheduled to be executed. Those of you who know me are aware that I spent a few years working on death penalty cases and continued to do so for a little while after moving to Alaska. It was difficult to manage from long distance so I stopped taking cases but have continued to stay in touch with some of my former clients. I have to admit that, although we wrote letters asking for clemency and the attorneys continued to work around the clock, I fully expected this person to be executed. I sent him several cards in the last few weeks, tried to offer some support and solace, and prepared to be notified that the execution was done. What a strange thing to anticipate. I tried to imagine what it must be like to know that death is scheduled for a certain day and a certain time. Not only that, but it will be a spectacle. I sent my last card off on Saturday, figuring that was cutting it close with weather and plane issues. I tried not to think about the process of lethal injection.

Tuesday morning I went to my email to find a note from the attorney stating simply that a stay of execution had been granted. I could not have been more shocked. And relieved. We don't have to kill people to teach them a lesson. There are other ways to seek justice or punishment, if punishment is what we are after.

The rest of the week was a breeze after that. Minor frustrations and major headaches still grate on me but I have to remind myself that they are no big deal.

Rich and I have talked about hosting "Flash! Unalaska," our weekly community news show, for years. I have hosted with other folks a few times but Rich had never given it a go. I talked him into signing up with me for Wednesday night and despite a few nerves and a few flubbed lines, we had a great time. I wanted to get a photo of the two of us on the set but completely forgot. We watched the re-run later and shot a few pictures of ourselves on TV. Pretty funny, huh?

Thursday I helped with the Candidates' Forum live broadcast (don't forget to vote on Tuesday, Unalaskans!) Friday was a gorgeous day and I considered walking to work but I was already running behind and didn't think I could take the time to do it, unfortunately. I need more sunshine and more exercise!

The annual Alaska Air sale is on--not the best prices ever for those of us living way out here or anyone who wants to come see us, but still cheaper than usual. If you are thinking of coming out for a visit, now is the time to look at getting tickets. We love having company!!

Speaking of travel, we just got our tickets for our next vacation and will be leaving here on November 20. We are thinking of going to Chicago for a few days first and then on to Dallas, Abilene, and Amarillo to see the kids, grandkids and friends before welcoming our new baby granddaughter to the world. Well, that's the plan right now, but we know that baby's plans may not agree and she gets to have the final word. :)


Bubbe said...

Glad to hear about the stay- great news! Hoping to see you when you're in Texas though I know you have a lot going on. If the weather's not bad, we can probably drive up to Abilene or Dallas or Amarillo! Would love to get the kids together.

Betty said...

Wow! I'm glad about it as well. However, does that mean he has to sweat out a new date? Horrible to think of it.

Bet you're lookihg forward to seeing all of the kiddies as well as your sis! Joe called me - he hopes to be in Dallas this weekend and wanted Sarah's number. I gave her a "heads up" also. Nicole has a game there.

By the way, my word verification looks like cheesecake! Haha!