Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cute Kids!

We've had a fun day. Susan is working at a day care center and has a two hour break from noon to 2 PM so we met her for lunch and did a little Christmas shopping. We then drove out to Clyde to pick Aidan up from school at 3:30. He had the sweetest little smile on his face when he saw us and just chattered away as we drove back to Abilene. He explained that one of his friends "has a problem with scissors" and had cut a big swatch out of the front of his hair so Susan and Corey had to shave his head. I've never seen him without hair and he's also in the process of losing baby teeth, not to mention getting much taller. We reminisced about his trip to Alaska last summer and he told us about his upcoming trip to Colorado for Christmas with Corey's family. We had a little time to kill till his mom got off work so we went to the Grace Children's Museum and then had a snack at McKay's Bakery before coming back to the hotel. Aidan is going to spend the night with us on Friday and Saturday and was very interested in whether the hotel had a pool or not. We found out that it does, but it is out of order. Oh no! The good news is that a neighboring hotel has agreed to let the guests from our hotel use theirs, so he is excited about bringing his swimsuit with him. We didn't hear from Susan for the longest time and were also waiting to hear from our friend Karen--I couldn't imagine why neither of them had called us back like they were supposed to! Finally, I started looking for my phone to call THEM and could not find it anywhere. Aidan and I searched the car once and came back to the room empty handed. After searching the room some more, I had about decided that I must have left it somewhere today. Aidan and I went back to the car with Rich's phone and called my phone. Sure enough, it started ringing and Aidan found it under one of the seats. Of course I had ELEVEN missed calls.

We finally touched base with everyone and Susan and Ally met us at our room. Ally has changed a lot since I last saw her, too! She seemed to remember me and came right to me. Her hair has really grown, unlike her brother's. haha She's such a cutie.

We all went to dinner and then the kids headed home to bed. Aidan has early release tomorrow for some reason so we are picking him up at 12:30. It was so much fun to see them and their mama! Their daddy is working out of town but we should see him this weekend before we leave for Dallas.
We weren't able to get together with any friends tonight but I have been on the phone with several of them and trying to work out times to meet in the next few days. I always feel like it's a whirlwind with lots of people to see and not enough time.


Suzassippi said...

Aidan looks like a little boy now, instead of a child! They all look great; glad you are having a good time.

Bubbe said...

I'm glad to hear you're getting in lots of Gigi time! Enjoy, enjoy!

Betty said...

Can't believe how big Aidan is now and Allie is so cute, looks like her mama. Glad you are spending time with them.

Gigi said...

We couldn't get over how much Ally looks like Susan now!