Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Having fun in Amarillo

Here's little Miss Emery last night. She's keeping her eyes open and looking around more at 9 days old. Really a sweetie, starting to smile at us, and has definitely stolen everyone's hearts. She doesn't like having her diaper changed or her clothes taken off and has not been thrilled with her sponge baths. Otherwise, she's just a happy girl.

I'm not sure where the days are going; we are mostly sticking close to home, doing lots of baby holding, chatting and hanging out. Rich has been Top Chef, making several fab meals for the rest of us. I think he kinda likes being busy in the kitchen while we are taking care of baby duties, though he did put the semi-complicated baby swing together tonight. David went back to work on Monday; Bonnie, Emery and I went up to school for a little while so Bonnie could meet with her sub and take care of a few things that didn't get finished since Emery's arrival was a surprise. David's kids decorated his classroom with pink streamers, confetti and pacifiers, along with a sign that said "Happy Birthday....Literally." Cute.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving with David's family; we've had several visitors including our friends Mona and Alex, and have done a little bit of shopping at cool down-south stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael's and United Supermarket. :) We've also watched a bunch of movies and TV shows that we haven't seen or don't get in Unalaska.
What fun to have this time with Bonnie, David and Emery! We will probably be heading out next Tuesday or Wednesday to see the rest of the kids and grandkids and some of our friends.


Betty said...

You are so lucky to be able to spend time with Bonnie, David and the newest grandchild. I know Bonnie is thrilled to have you share those early moments with her.

Suzassippi said...

Sweet! Glad you were able to be with her. I remember how nice it was when Mom came to stay with me--though I did not have the benefits of a super top chef!

Alaska Steve said...

Love the last photo! Such a beautiful baby!