Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Never Ending Weekend

I can't keep track of the day or the date. I think this is Sunday night and another weekend is drawing to a close but, honestly, vacation just feels like one continuous weekend. Poor David has to get up and go to work in the morning but the rest of us get to just keep on taking it easy. Emery is going to be two weeks old tomorrow--in that respect, the time has flown by! Bonnie ordered this cute little knitted hat for her to wear in some photos David is taking--this is not one of them but we had to try it on and see what it looked like. Cute!

We helped decorate the house for Christmas the other night. Rich made his famous fish tacos for dinner and he'd also made a lemon meringue pie earlier in the day. He had some egg whites left over from something else and didn't want them to go to waste. We were all quite happy about that. Bonnie and I also baked some chocolate chip cookies since we did not have any cookie cutters to make traditional Christmas cookies (hmmmm, Christmas gift for the kids??!) With Christmas music playing on the ipod (and a little "name that artist" contest going on between David and me), we got the house all into the holiday spirit. Later, we watched "Four Christmases," which had some laugh-out-loud funny parts.

These photos are out of order but I thought this one of Bonnie and Emery by the tree was very pretty. Good job, Rich.

David and Bonnie working on the tree.

David is wearing a tacky Christmas sweater. Apparently, he and his friends try to outdo each other with crazy Christmas wear each year. Legend has it that he won the contest with this one. It was pretty horrifying.

Other than a few trips to the grocery store, I have hardly left the house. We were going to go to Target today and never made it. Here's my day: Sleep in, hold Emery, shower, hold Emery, chat, hold Emery, help sponge-bathe Emery, keep Bonnie company while she nurses Emery, straighten up the house a little, hold Emery, do some laundry, hold Emery, chat, hold Emery, check emails, blogs, facebook, hold Emery, eat, hold Emery, watch movies, hold Emery, go to bed. What a life!
We heard that there were some huge storms back home in Unalaska, with winds reportedly up to 170 mph, lots of property damage all over town, but thankfully no one was hurt as far as we know. I talked with Britta, our house/pet sitter and she said the cats are fine, the house made it through the storm with no trouble, and she was happy to be there because the bunkhouse where she usually lives apparently lost part of its roof! You can see more details on the kucb website at Hi to all our friends back in Alaska and we hope everyone's doing okay. Sounds like it was pretty scary, though there's a part of me that wishes I'd been there to experience it! I remember one year when we had 120 mph winds and I got knocked down on my back in the ice and snow--I could not get up because the wind was so strong. Luckily, Rich and Kyle arrived soon after and were able to pull me up and drag me along the fence till I could walk down the sidewalk to the house! It was pretty darned funny once it was over with.
Rich and Dave made another fabulous meal tonight, the lemon meringue pie is gone, the choc chip cookies are almost gone, and another weekend has come to an end. Emery has her two week check up on Tuesday and then we are going to head for Abilene. It has been so nice to be here and we have enjoyed every minute of it. It's kinda bittersweet--I hate to leave the kids but I am also looking forward to seeing my other two girls, their hubbies and my other grandkids, as well as some friends in Abilene and Dallas. Sometimes I really do wish for the "old days" when families stayed in one town and everyone lived nearby. :)


Suzassippi said...

Sounds like a perfect vacation. I was hoping Dave could tell me where to get a sweater like that; I still have to get a present for Rando.

Gigi said...

Thrift store! :)

Bubbe said...

Everyone looks so happy- there's nothing better than that! I'll have to get Rich to give me a lemon meringue pie lesson. I've made them several times, but if the meringue doesn't turn out crappy, the inside does! I'm blaming my oven... :) Rich's looks picture perfect, and I'm jealous!

Gigi said...

Blaming the oven is always a good tactic. :) He has a knack for it. He says he just follows the recipe but I have certainly followed recipes and had things turn out terribly. :)