Saturday, January 26, 2013

Manly and Newtown

We ate breakfast on the wharf and then took the ferry to Manly Beach

Passed by the Opera House, of course
This is one of the longer ferry rides and is supposed to be a little bumpy at times but not today

Lots of other ferries out on the water

Manly Beach
Chatting through the window of a restaurant

Fun signs

Mailed some postcards!  Postage was really expensive--about $1.90 per postcard for international mail.  That's why you might not have received one from me. I decided I'd sent out enough after the first stamp purchase.  :)

We walked around Manly for awhile and had some fish and chips on the strand.  Unfortunately, the camera setting got switched to something weird and we don't have any photos of the actual beach!

We returned to the harbor and these guys were playing some very cool aboriginal music.  Check out the video below.

We then took a bus to the train station and headed to the neighborhood of Newtown, which is described as bohemian and a little grungy but a cool place to be.  Our kind of spot, right?

   Australians appreciate Dr. King, too
We saw lots of neat old buildings
Had to browse the books and magazines in this shop

More fun signs

Better Read than Dead is a well known book shop
Definitely a more progressive neighborhood!

We sat in a little cafe and had some dessert while people-watching for a bit.
Hanging up flyers
 Mom with baby and expectant mom

After another great day out in the sunshine, we returned to the main train station and then back to our condo for the night.

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