Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Village "Bizarre"

We had a treat on our last night in Sydney--a very cool little street fair

Various musicians performed

Information booth with a list of all the happenings

Knights and ladies


Audience participation skits

"Silent Disco"--everyone was listening to different music on headphones and dancing to their own beats.

Street dance

Rabbit masks from the Rabbit Bar--you had to be wearing a mask to get in

Food and other items for sale


Looking down on the action after it got dark

Lots of people out on the street having a good time

The Rabbit Bar
and the G'Day Cafe--can't be in Australia without having a photo of at least one "G'Day!"  What a fun final night!  We still had most of the next day because we had a late flight out, but our trip was winding to a close. 

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