Saturday, January 5, 2013


When we arrived in Sydney, we still had one more night on the ship.  We spent part of the day wandering around town a little bit but mostly had some errands to run before we disembarked and headed out on our road trip to the Blue Mountains.

We found a mall with free wi-fi so we were able to make hotel reservations, check on our rental car, and take care of other business. The mall was super fancy with "concierges" on each floor answering questions and directing people to various locationsWe were also intrigued by an electronic directory--it had a touch screen and would help you locate whatever you were seeking.  Now maybe this is typical these days but we'd never seen one before!

 We always have to check out the food, of course. 

Walking through the park

Cool buildings that I need to look up because I don't remember what they can tell it's been awhile since vacation!  

Poor little panda protest

We went to a phone store and got an Australian SIM card for Rich's phone.  We are such Alaska hicks and so out of touch with technology--we were intimidated to even go in and ask what we should do but mustered up our courage.  Turned out the manager who approached us was from Portland He turned us over to a young woman who did appear to think we were slightly stupid but we managed to get all set up and left with a new phone number, data and texting, all for only $30 prepaid.  Nice!

Then back to the ship for one more night, farewells to friends and packing up for departure the next day.  Our Australian adventure was about to begin!

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Suzassippi said...

The large cathedral is St. Mary's Cathedral, which is either the oldest or one of the oldest Catholic churches in the city. I don't know if they are the same building, but the second photo (of the front doors) has some beautiful Y-tracery on those windows!