Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walking around Sydney

We spent every day in Sydney walking around with the occasional hop on some transport to get to another part of town.  Here's the iconic Sydney Opera House, which I mentioned in an earlier post.

Sydney has its own Botanical Gardens, which were lovely but nothing like the huge and varied gardens at Mt. Tomah.  Still, I loved the colors and the warm sunshine.

These birds just sat there and let us take photos.

The Government House sits right along the Gardens.  It's the home of the Governor of New South Wales and was designed by Edward Blore, an English architect who was also involved in the design of Buckingham Palace. Reportedly Governor Bourke, in the 1800's, chose a British architect because he did not believe a "local" would be able to take on the design.  The current Governor, Marie Bashir, is the first woman governor to occupy the house.  I wanted to take a tour but it was closing and we never got back over to this area again...too much to see!
For more info on the Government House, click here.

Huge tree in the Botanical Gardens

We had quite a walk home through the rain, but at least it was warm-ish.  This is Hyde Park.


Chinese Gardens

People doing tai chi along one of the wharves


Christmas time on the waterfront

Woman fishing from the wharf

Out for a stroll

Nighttime on the water
I am actually finally winding down our vacation posts!  I might have two more so bear with me!

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