Monday, November 22, 2010

Elle's Last Day as an Only Child

When I got up this morning, the first thing Elle asked was, "Gigi, do you want to play with me?" Of course, that is music to a grandmother's ears! Lately she likes pretending that she is "sick" or her doll is "sick" and we have to take temperatures, administer shots and bandaids, give medicine by mouth, along with bottles of juice and milk, and then the last thing in the routine is sneezing VERY loudly into a cloth. She never tires of this game and we've done lots of doctoring. :) Today we talked about Beck coming in the morning and she continues to be very excited, though Sarah and I think she expects a 2 year old playmate and not a helpless infant. :)

She posed with her Mama and me and then we had to leave to return our rental car. Sarah and Elle followed us back to Enterprise, which, by the way, has the best customer service ever. I will put in a big plug for them right here. Every time we rent from Enterprise, we meet the nicest employees who go out of their way to take care of us. They must have a really good customer service training program or they just have a way of finding great people. We have been very impressed. Good job, Enterprise.

Elle went to spend the day and night with her other grandparents so Sarah could get a little rest today and also because she and Miles have to be at the hospital at the ungodly hour of 5:30 AM tomorrow. Several times we commented about how quiet it was around the house today. We missed our lively girl!
After dropping her off, we drove over to Old Navy to look at baby clothes. Rich walked down to Whole Foods and Sarah and I never made it to Old Navy because the Carter's store next door was having a 50%-60% off sale. Woohoo! I bought most of my Christmas gifts for the grandkids at a huge savings. Can't beat that, huh?
We then brought Rich home and I went with Sarah to her last doctor's appointment. She had a sonogram to confirm Beck's position before the Csection tomorrow. He is in a "frank breech" position, which means his legs are up by his head. We can't imagine how that could be comfortable!
After a quick trip to Half Price Books, we have spent the rest of the day at home, finishing laundry and getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Sarah's Csection is at 7:30 AM so I will post a message about Beck as soon as I can! We are excited to meet our new little grandson and welcome him to the great big world.
We'll also be wishing Emery a happy first birthday tomorrow! For those who have been keeping up with Emery, she had a checkup in October and all her scans were great. We are so thankful! She doesn't have to go to therapy any more and she's walking! What a big girl she's getting to be! She and her Mama are coming to Dallas the first weekend of December so I will have some photos to post then.

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