Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to the World, Beck, and Happy Birth Day

Sarah and Miles were up early this morning (I don't think Sarah really slept much at all) and out of the house in time to arrive at the hospital by 5:30 AM. Rich and I followed about 7:30, when the Csection was scheduled to begin. After sitting in the waiting room for a little bit, we were happy to see Miles come out, all smiles, to tell us that Robert Beck Durham had arrived safe and sound.

Miles took Elle in to meet Beck first. I'm sure it was a sweet moment for the family of four to have some private time together before the rest of us descended. Sarah and Miles had prepared a "big sister" bag of goodies for Elle to keep her busy during her hospital visit.

Next we got to come in and meet our new grandson! He is perfect and adorable! He weighed 8 lbs., 8 ounces, and is 20 1/4 inches long. He was born at 7:53 AM and has light hair and dark eyes. We can't tell who he looks like! But he is definitely a beautiful baby.

Miles, Elle, Beck and Sarah

Grandpa Rich helped keep Elle occupied while we all hung out in the Recovery Room. Things have really changed since I had my Csections. We certainly couldn't have lots of people and other children in the room!

My first time to hold Beck--what a happy moment!

Miles and Elle (wearing her Big Sister shirt)

Elle patting Beck's head while Miles' mom Suanne holds him. How cute! Elle is going to be a great big sis!

Sweet boy! We're so happy you're here and we love you very much!

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