Monday, November 8, 2010

Just hanging out and waiting for Beck

We've been having lots of fun but haven't taken many more photos, for some reason. I'll have to remedy that! Today Elle and I took a walk, collected acorns, talked with a neighbor and played with a big ball outside while Sarah rested. Since I've been here, we've been to a couple of parks, to the bookstore, to Target several times, out to dinner with Miles' mom and another night with friends. We are definitely managing to fill up our days. Elle keeps us smiling and laughing throughout. Today she told me I am her best friend, which melted my heart. Of course, she has many, many best friends but I am happy to be included. :) She still prefers Mommy and Daddy to be with her for major events like bedtime but will let me "help" her with most other things.

I call this "Little Miss Hollywood II" because she reminds me so much of Sarah at the same age.

Rich arrives tomorrow afternoon--yay! Still no baby. We'll keep you posted!

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Betty said...

Such a sweet girl!