Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surprise! I'm in Dallas!

Rich and I were scheduled to leave Unalaska on November 8 to go to Texas for a month. Sarah and Miles are expecting baby Beck soon and we're planning to visit the rest of the kids and grandkids as well. Last week I talked with Sarah a couple of times and she was feeling more and more like this baby was going to come any day. She's been uncomfortable and having contractions and had to go and get checked a couple of times. I was really antsy that I was (once again) not going to get there in time. I've missed the last three grandchildren's births--the only one I witnessed was Aidan's. SO I just decided I would change my ticket and fly out early, not only for that reason but also because Sarah could use some help with Elle, a busy 2 year old! I left Saturday at 1 PM and arrived in Dallas Sunday around 1 PM, with the requisite plane changes and layovers and trying to sleep in airports and planes over a 24 hour period. Rich kept his original ticket and will join us on Tuesday.

I don't know what I was thinking but only packed winter clothes. I believe it was 80 degrees the day I arrived! We had a couple of nice, sunny days but then it turned cold and rainy and I was right at home in my Alaska hoodie.

We've been having lots of fun hanging out; Elle is a little performer and keeps us amused with her singing, dancing and talking. She is getting used to Gigi being here and lets me do some things for her but still prefers Mommy most of the time, and Daddy is even more adored. That girl loves her Daddy!

Elle was a "pretty princess" for Halloween and enjoyed dressing up. We were invited to a neighborhood party so joined in the festivities for a little while. Unfortunately, a bunch of little boys showed up in violent and scary costumes, which made Elle afraid. Although she played a bit in the beginning, as more kids arrived, she decided she'd rather watch from afar.

She soon had her fill and told us "I want to go to the Arboretum," where she'd been for other Halloween activities previously. I was impressed that she could say "arboretum" and use it in context. :) After the scary party, she was not in the mood for trick or treating and we just went home.

She's been really happy and full of smiles! Here she's posing for me.

Talking and singing at the table

After a couple of days of rain, it was sunny again today so we went for a walk.

There are peacocks roaming Sarah and Miles' neighborhood!

Later today, we met Sarah's friend Candace and her two boys Miles and Charlie at the park.

Elle and her BFF Miles

Sarah is feeling good but anxious for baby to arrive. We went to the doctor Tuesday and she doesn't expect Sarah to go much longer. We'll keep you posted!


Suzassippi said...

Reminds me of the year we were at your mom's and "Princess Alexandria."

Betty said...

Elle is so cute! Glad you are able to spend time with them.