Sunday, June 26, 2011

Come on, Vacation!

It's getting to be that beautiful time of year in Unalaska, the very short and fleeting summer. We often say that we really should not leave the island in the summer time. The flowers are blooming, the hills become emerald green, the temperatures are warm-ish, and we can get out and explore. It's better to be gone in the winter when it's cold and dreary and we can warm up somewhere else!

But the Jersey shore beckons us, along with the promise of a week with the girls, guys, and grandkids--who could pass that up? I couldn't be more excited to see them and all the rest of my family next week!

Yesterday Rich and I went to a garage sale and picked up a few things we couldn't live without. Then I finally went in for a haircut and got my eyebrows waxed. I do this maybe twice a year. I am not exactly a cover girl and it's become worse since I moved to casual Alaska. I love a place where many (if not most) women don't wear makeup and do not go overboard with their hair and nails and clothes. I fit right in. :)

Later Rich went out to take photos so I grabbed these to post. Unalaska grows some of the loveliest and most unusual flowers which seem to bloom in waves, different varieties following each other so there are always several kinds bursting forth as others give way. We love the purple orchids and the lupine (cousin to the Texas bluebonnet!) which are a few of those showing their colors right now.

I couldn't resist pulling out my suitcase and packing most of my stuff last night. I am very antsy to go. I'm happy my summer clothes are fitting better than they have in years (final pre-vacation weight loss: 14.5 pounds...not really where I wanted to be, but better than I was! The first 10 were fairly easy compared to the last 4.5!)

Now I am obsessing about our flight out of here on Wednesday. We've had a bunch of cancellations due to weather and people have been stacked up on standby. Our flight is not till 8 PM, which means if we have trouble getting out at that hour, we'll have to wait till the next day, which will mess up our connections. So we are thinking of going down to Pen Air to see if we can get on standby for an earlier flight. I have no idea if any seats will be available! Send up good vibes for us!


Suzassippi said...

If I had any good travel karma, i would send it your way, but as you know from my Africa trip (and don't know from the current Gulf Coast trip) my travel vibes have been pretty off of late. :) I hope all goes well for you, though and that you get out and make all of your connections.

Hugs to the fam.

Gigi said...

Thanks! Uh-oh, you will have to fill me in on your latest travels. :)

The forecast sounds decent but the wind sounds strong tonight. Hopefully all will be well by Wed.! Stay tuned...

bonnie said...

I hope you get out today! Love you and see you soon!!