Monday, June 13, 2011

Horses, Birthdays, Bob Dylan and Emery

Here are a few more photos from the day we saw the horses, since I have no new pictures to post.

I walked to work and back one sunny day last week, but forgot to take my camera. It was beautiful on the way to the office and pretty chilly on the way home but I was happy to be out in the fresh air bopping along to my ipod. I figured it might also help me get past this weight loss plateau I have hit. I enjoyed it so much that I planned to do it again the next day with camera in hand but, alas, it was rainy and cold and I was wimpy. I have adapted pretty well to Alaska (compare photos of me in a big ole heavy jacket the first year to photos of me in a hoodie nowadays--same temp!) but I am still not crazy about walking very far in the cold and rain. Definitely not the Alaska gal that some of my friends are. I admire them but don't really want to change my ways.

I had a happy birthday today, though it is hard for me to believe that I am actually 57 years old. Where did the time go?! I know some don't put much stock in birthdays but I always like making a big deal out of them. It doesn't have to be fancy but I guess I like a little bit of attention on my day. haha Rich started out the morning with a sweet card, I loved having phone calls from my girls, Aidan, my mom and Rich's sister, emails from friends, and lots of Facebook posts sending wishes. My friend Donna took me to lunch and I cheated on my diet without too much remorse. *But please note, no cake or ice cream. I am waiting till vacation and then I will indulge a little.* I ordered a new bathing suit and I haven't tried it on yet--if it doesn't fit, I am gonna be annoyed. As mentioned previously, we have tickets to see U2 in Philly and we are considering that and our vacation our birthday presents (Rich is next, on the 21st).

Working at a radio/TV station has its perks, too. I was given my own little radio bday shout-out and Daniel played many of my favorite tunes. Nothing like small island life to make you feel really special! Our evening fun was a trip to the grocery store to do our Senior Discount Monday shopping. :)

I spent part of the weekend downloading a bunch of Bob Dylan tunes. And when I say part of the weekend, I am not kidding. Our internet is so slow that it literally takes many hours to download several songs. We were reading Rolling Stone's latest edition (or the most recent one available out here, which is probably not really the latest), listing Dylan's top 70 songs on the occasion of his 70th birthday (speaking of birthdays!) For some reason, we did not have many in our itunes library and I had completely forgotten how much I loved some of them. We've had a Bobfest at the house ever since. I rediscovered my once favorite album, Desire, and songs like One More Cup of Coffee, Isis, Sara, and Mozambique. How could I have forgotten those? It seems like a lifetime ago that I was driving around Waco, Texas with the 8-track blaring!

And here's a link to an article about the Relay for Life in Amarillo. Emery is featured. :) Have a good week, everyone.


Suzassippi said...

Thanks for the article on Emery! I blame forgetting your birthday on illness...but you know the truth is I never remember them. My poor mom has to put up with my forgetting hers every year, usually when I am in Africa.

Gigi said...

LOL No worries! I know they're not your thing. :) How are you feeling?

Suzassippi said...

Much better! See "Felix's Post Script." :)

Gigi said...

Just saw that! I want a baby kitty. Would you deliver??!