Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playing the Waiting Game

We are supposed to leave today. As you know, I've been a little paranoid about getting out since we've had some weather issues, planes cancelled, and people backed up on standby the last several days. Our 8 PM flight was changed to 7:30 and it's the last flight of the day. That always concerns me because if it does not get out, we are stuck till tomorrow, which messes up the rest of our flights. So we decided we'd go to the airport at 10 AM, when the counter opens, and get on standby for the first flight out at 1 PM.

We were first in line for standby, left our info, and went to run some errands after being told to be back at 12:30. Returning as instructed, we waited awhile and then were told the plane was full and no standby passengers would be accommodated. The list rolled over to the next flight and we were told to come back at 4. Meanwhile, it's getting cloudier and windier. Ugh. So here we sit, waiting to see what happens next.

The good news is that we have a couple of opportunities to get out, including our still confirmed flight later this evening. I don't really care what time we go, as long as we go!! Send up good vibes for us.

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