Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's June!

Rich is working all weekend again (insert my usual whine here). This morning, I was sitting at the computer in my pjs, emailing back and forth with my friend Donna. She mentioned that she and her friend Marti were going to take a hike today if I was interested in joining them. Since I totally sabotaged my diet at Bunco last night, I thought it was probably a good idea!

We were supposed to meet at the base of Bunker Hill. The road has been closed due to construction but we heard it was opened up so I drove on over, thinking I was late, having left on short notice. I parked in the usual spot to begin the hike but no one else was there yet. Before too long, Marti drove up, but no Donna. After a few more minutes, Marti called Donna, who said, "The road is closed!" "No, Jane and I are already down here," Marti informed her. Oh, did I mention that when I drove in, I passed a sign stating "Construction area--enter at your own risk"?

Donna told Marti that a guy in a truck got onto her pretty strongly and told her she couldn't go in. She asked, "Have you seen a couple of other people pass by?" He said yes, and that he was about to "go run them off, too." So Marti loaded up her two dogs, the other dog she's dogsitting, and her daughter, I got into my car, and we backtracked outta there. Heaven forbid that we would be on anyone's *&%$# list.

We re-grouped and met at the end of the valley to hike up by some waterfalls. I don't really know what this trail is called and they just called it "the waterfalls," so I am going with it. I can tell I have not hiked in awhile. It is an easy trail but some of it had a bit of an incline, which I could definitely feel. But I kept praising myself for working off those M&Ms I had last night. haha

Here's Donna

Someone had anchored a rope at the top of this hill. There's no way I would even attempt to lower myself down but I would have loved to have seen someone else do it! Who wants to volunteer?

Flowers are starting to pop out, even at the higher elevations.

Maia, Marti, Donna and dogs

Three waterfalls--actually, there are four all in a row but I couldn't get them in one shot.

Ahhhhh, spring!

Upon return, we realized Marti had an extremely flat tire. Oh, no. She had a spare, but the back end of the vehicle won't open so we couldn't even tell if she had a jack. It was a borrowed car so unfamiliar, to boot. We called a couple of people and couldn't reach anyone. I did not EVEN want to bother Rich since they were in the middle of their biggest event of the year so I didn't volunteer to call my husband. Is that mean? We tried a couple of the local car repair places and no one could come out. Blogger Steve's wife GF and Chico came by on a walk and commiserated with us. She called Steve but he was the only one at work, though they generously offered that he could come help once she got back to work from her lunch break. We made plans for her to call us when she returned to work and see if anything else had worked out. Finally, one of the car guys called Donna back and said he could come. Whew. It's kinda hard to get a mechanic, a tow truck or Triple A out here in the middle of nowhere! When we knew the guy was on his way, I headed out and left them waiting--I know, bad friend, but there wasn't a lot I could do, right?

I stopped by the hotel to check mail and Rich and crew were busily preparing for tonight's catering event. I ran a few errands and have been working around the house. Since I didn't have time for a shower before hiking (and what would be the point?), I just filled the tub and cranked up the heater in the bathroom so I am gonna go soak.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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