Sunday, June 16, 2013

More San Francisco Fun and Friends

What a beautiful day and a beautiful view!

Susan and Kris invited us out to their new home one night.  We were happy to get to see Kris and to meet some more family members. We had a fantastic time visiting with everyone!

 Kris made a fabulous dinner

We got to meet Chris and Kathy after hearing about them for years.  They were so much fun and we enjoyed sitting outside in the nice weather while we ate and chatted.

 Back inside for dessert
Kris, Rich, Jane, Susan, Wiggins the dog, Kris and Susan's daughter Erin, Aunt Kathy

Then our cruise friends Martin and Linda came to San Francisco from the San Diego area to see us.  Well, they were coming to San Francisco at some point anyway, but we managed to coordinate our trips so we could get together.  We had a great time with these two as well.  Lucky Martin has just retired!

 They got in really early Saturday morning so they came to our condo till lunch time, when they were meeting Martin's sister.  While they were off for the afternoon, Rich and I walked around some more.

 Love these signs
There was a big farmer's market at the Ferry Market on Saturday. 

 Good advice!

We met back up with Linda and Martin for dinner but I didn't manage to get any photos.  The next day, we met them to take the bus to Alamo Square where we wandered around the park and took pictures of these houses, called The Seven Sisters.

 We then walked to Haight Ashbury

  and onto Golden Gate Park
Our time was winding down in San Francisco so we all rode the bus back to downtown and said our goodbyes.  Rich and I had a late night flight to Palm Springs to meet Sarah, Miles and kids the next day!

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