Sunday, June 16, 2013

Palm Springs

Our son in law Miles was planning to bring the family on a trip to Palm Springs to take a look at houses and get some ideas for his home construction business.  Sarah and I were talking about it a few months ago and figured out how we could meet and see each other while we were both on vacation. Bonus visit!  I love those!  Because of plane schedules, Rich and I decided we'd fly in the night before so we'd already be in town when the kids arrived.  We were looking online for a hotel and came across the Saguaro, which seems to be well known for its crazy colors. Wowie!  It was pretty wild!  Our room was mostly red and pink, except for a yellow and orange bathroom below. 
It was kind of a funky place and included two restaurants by our new favorite chef Jose Garces (which we didn't get to try since we weren't there long enough.)  There was a ping-pong table in the lobby, which we took over while waiting for our cab the next morning. Rich admitted he was surprised that I could hold my own in ping-pong. Huh??!!
The next morning we picked up our rental car and met the kids at the resort Rancho de las Palmas.  Miles' parents Bob and Suanne also came along with Sarah, Miles, Elle and Beck.  First stop was lunch on the patio at the resort while we waited for our rooms to be ready.  Then into the water to cool off, finally into our rooms, and out to dinner at the Ace Hotel that night. Not only did we get dinner, we got to play BINGO and the caller was a drag queen.  What a fun night!
Miles, Elle, Beck, Sarah, Rich, Suanne, Bob
Big cookies!
Get ready for Bingo!
The next day, Sarah, Miles, Bob and Suanne went on some house tours while Grandpa and I babysat the kids.  We had a big ole time in the water all morning. The resort was great; very kid-friendly with a splash pad, a lazy river to float on tubes, a couple of slides, and a sandy beach area.  The kids loved it and had a ball!
 Cutie Beck
 Elle floating the river
 Playing in the sand

 Beautiful Elle
 At lunch after their parents returned

We wore ourselves out but boy, was it fun!

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