Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Our flight did not leave Palm Springs till evening so we drove out to the Aerial Tramway and took a ride.  It's touted as the world's largest rotating tramcar, taking us up the cliffs of Chino Canyon.  The tram begins at 2643 ft. elevation and ends at 8516 ft.  The floor rotates, allowing a 360 degree view on the way up and down.  Pretty cool.

 At the top, we walked up a bit further and took in the sights

If we'd had more time, we would have taken a hike around the area but we could only stay long enough to walk around a little and ride back down.
We flew from Palm Springs through San Francisco and on to Seattle, spending the night, and then to Anchorage and Unalaska the next day.  I'd been dreading the flight into Unalaska for a week but it was no problem. I need to quit worrying!  Another fabulous vacation finished!

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