Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Living Desert

Sarah, Suanne and I took the kids to The Living Desert one day while the guys were out playing golf. It was SO hot in Palm Springs and we thought this was one of those wildlife parks where you could drive through in your car.  But no, that was not the case!  We started out walking but soon got pretty overwhelmed with the heat and paid a few bucks to get off and on a cart driving through the park.

 Elle looking at the train tracks and all the fun stuff along the way
 This kinda cracked me up--a dinosaur in the pen with the livestock
 Beck checking things out
 "World's smallest fox" and some birds
 Luckily there was an indoor "discovery center" where we played for awhile and cooled off

 Back outside and looking at some butterflies on the way to the playground
 At the playground

 Carousel ride!

 Petting zoo--but goats were the only animals we could pet!

 The volunteer in the petting zoo said this goat loved to be hugged so the kids obliged.  So cute.
A hot but fun time was had by all!

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