Friday, April 16, 2010

Back at Home and Still no Time to Post!

We arrived home on Wednesday afternoon after a very nice flight with no stops in King Salmon or Cold Bay and no real delays. A little bumpy on the approach, but no big deal. It was snowing when we stepped off the plane--quite a difference from San Diego! But I am glad to be home. I went right back to work on Thursday and have not had a chance to load up any more photos or write about the retreat. Maybe this weekend!

Rich and I both weighed in for Unalaska's Biggest Winner, a year long health and fitness program that includes prizes for those who lose the biggest percentage of body weight. We are ashamed to admit that we both weigh more than we have ever weighed in our lives. SO we are getting back on the healthy path. Yesterday morning, I dusted off my tai-chi dvd to start out the day. We ate healthy food for all our meals. We planned to go to the gym but (there's that 'but') several things interfered with that (or we let them interfere!) Today's a new day, though, right?

It's a busy weekend--the Community Art Show opens tonight and Rich has several photos in it. Tomorrow night is the annual CVB wine tasting event, where he will be working and I am attending with a friend. Sunday night is book club and I haven't started the book.

Emery's surgery was changed from next Wednesday to next Monday so Bonnie, David and Emery will be back in Houston this weekend. They were given a short reprieve and got to go home to Amarillo for a week or so while awaiting surgery. I know they were happy to be at home and are anxious for Emery's treatment to draw to a close. Here in Unalaska, our firefighters, EMS, and others in town are holding a St. Baldrick's event on May 1, where they will shave their heads for donations to childhood cancer research. Fellow blogger and friend Unalaska Steve asked if he could shave his head in honor of Emery. We were very touched by this kind gesture--how great is that?! See his page here for more info. He's even having a drawing for one of his donors to win a box of Alaska crab. :) Thanks, Steve--you are awesome!


Betty said...

They have the St. Baldrick's fundraiser here as well. Maggie goes every year with her family for food and festivities. Nice of Steve to shave for Emery!

Kathi said...

Very cool of Unalaska Steve!