Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick Emery Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry there has not been a lot to post about Emery lately, but that's a GOOD thing! She went in for her MRI yesterday morning and has finished with her CT and MIBG scans this morning. From what I understand, the MIGB scan highlights any cancerous cells. David arrived last night and they are all presently waiting in the Clinic for lab work to be done and to meet with Dr. Thompson. Hopefully he will have had a chance to look at the scans before they meet. Decisions will be made about the rest of Emery's treatment so it's a little nerve-wracking to wait and wait. We are hopeful that there will be some news before the Easter weekend, otherwise, more waiting....

Emery has been happy and doing well with her developmental skills. The therapist is pleased with her progress with holding her head up, rolling over, and trying to sit up. They are concentrating more on increasing the strength in her left arm and hand. Bonnie has had to start doing dressing changes on her own (instead of the home health nurse coming out to do it) but luckily she has had David, Dan and/or Lauren to assist. When I was there, it was a three person job--one to hold Emery's legs still, one to actually do the dressing change, and one to amuse her with toys so she didn't get upset! Hopefully the central line is coming out soon and that job will be ended.

Since I am not in Texas any more, it's hard to know the tiny day to day details. I miss those mornings with Emery when she was full of smiles and ready to play! All of our busy days seem like a blur now that I am back at home. It's hard being away but it sounds like everything is great overall and we are all just waiting to hear the going-home date!

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Suzassippi said...

Let's pray for good news and an all clear! Glad she continues to do well and that Bonnie is managing it.