Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going Home....Finally!

Emery was discharged from the hospital today and Bonnie reports that she is her happy, active self, not seeming to be in any discomfort. They are spending the night with Lauren and Dan in Katy and then will fly home tomorrow. It is hard to believe that the past several months away from home are now finally coming to an end. I know home has never felt so good as it will tomorrow. I am so thankful that Emery has tolerated all of her treatment and surgery so well and hope that this is the end of anything major for that sweet baby girl (and her parents). She'll need checkups for awhile but hopefully there will not be any worries from now on. It will be nice to have typical baby news instead of medical reports!


Suzassippi said...

What wonderful news!

Betty said...

I'm so happy that Emery can now enjoy a normal life. Looking forward to some good baby news!

Kathi said...

Me, too!