Friday, April 2, 2010

Emery's Preliminary Test Results

I stole this photo from Bonnie's blog. What a cute girl! I have been assuming that everyone realizes that you can click on Bonnie's blog on the sidebar to the right of my posts, but in case you didn't know that, you can see her latest post and photos here.

Emery tolerated her scans yesterday, though it was not a lot of fun to have to drink nasty fluid (after not being able to eat for hours), and to have to lie still while the scans were being done. Thank goodness that's over with (for now, anyway). Bonnie and David saw Dr. Thompson, who said that the tumor is now 40% smaller than it was after the second round of chemo, so that is fabulous news! It is also further removed from the spine. We are extremely happy with these results! On the other hand, it sounds like surgery is still an option. They are meeting with the surgeons on Tuesday to discuss surgery vs. no surgery. Although we would prefer no surgery and would love to see them all get to go home soon, either way it does seem like Emery's major treatment is coming to a close. She will still need monitoring for some time to come but at least the most difficult stages are about to be behind her. We can only be grateful for that. Bonnie said Emery was fussy all through her OT appointment after the long day at the hospital. Bonnie looked down at her during therapy and the poor baby was so exhausted that she had dropped off to sleep.

They'll be in Katy for the Easter weekend--hopefully, they'll have some good family time and get some rest after this busy week!

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Suzassippi said...

Yeah for the good news, and the cute baby hat. She must have one for every day of the week. :)