Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emery update

I just talked with Bonnie and she said everything is going pretty well. Emery had a little bit of a rough night so she was given some morphine to help her feel better. After that, she was able to get some rest. She's been feeling okay so far today and has just had tylenol for pain. Bonnie said the chest tube makes her uncomfortable so it's a little hard to pick her up and move her around but otherwise she's been happy. David's dad Bo came in so I am glad they have some family with them! Dr. Thompson has been out of town but will return tomorrow and come to visit. Nothing major to report, which is good!

I stole this photo from Bonnie's Facebook but I guess it was taken with a phone--pretty small, huh?!


Suzassippi said...

Thanks so much for the update. Even if it is a small picture, it is so good to see her sweet face!

Betty said...

I agree! Bless her little heart! Hope she continues to improve.