Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Times!

 Aidan and Grandpa hard at work with the next Lego project

 Ta-da!  These guys are great at it!

It wouldn't be a trip to Abilene without my "Girls Night Out" crew.  Love these gals!  Kelly and Karen
 and Connie are always lots of fun and we have a great time catching up on everyone's news.

Aidan would rather be riding his motorcycle or building Legos but I did convince him to read a little bit with me.

Meanwhile Ally is being her cute little self,  keeping us amused with her chatter, songs, dances, and  playful personality.

We got to spend some time with Karen's son Kyle as well.  I've known him forever and he worked up here for Rich a few years ago so he's just about family.   He's working at a nice new restaurant in Clyde called Bonterra Blu, where we enjoyed a great dinner one night. Alas, the memory card was not in the camera to document our night out.  :(

Susan and Ally

Aidan riding Kyle's bike

Cute girls!

 Corey and Jim
Rich made his famous fish tacos for us one night!  Yum, yum!  Karen and Diana are getting some recipe tips. 


Suzassippi said...

That is so weird to see the house with blue walls and pink furniture after all the years of lavender and green! LOL

Gigi said...

I know! It's really cute. Jim says it looks like a tea room. :)