Saturday, July 21, 2012

Motocross Mania!

Aidan has been riding motocross since he was just a little guy.  I have seen photos and heard about his races for several years now but I have never had a chance to actually see him in action till this trip.  With a little bit of fear in my heart, I went out to the track in Clyde to watch him practice on a Saturday before a big race the next day.  Hard to believe our baby boy is now 9 years old!

 Still Gigi's sweet boy!  ("Get off, Gigi, get off!" is probably what he's thinking, but he is too sweet to say it out loud!)
 At the starting line with his Daddy

 After the first practice run

 Mama and Daddy hanging out

 Love those big baby blues!
 Scoping things out
 Catching a little air!

Day Two: Race Day!  Susan and Corey bought me a shirt with Aidan's number on it.  Here we are, proud Mama and Gigi!
 Starting line
 Wowie!  Look at that jump!
 Go, Aidan, go!
 Another jump

There was also a pro class.  These riders were CA-RA-ZY!  Wow!

 Aidan and Grandpa waiting for the next race.  His other grandpa is in the background (Corey's dad).

 It was hot out there!  Cheering section!  Susan and Jane, Ally and Karen,

 Corey and his dad, Tommy

Unfortunately, a big storm rolled in and the rest of the race day was cancelled. Aidan was going to ride a second time but everything got shut down.  Wish we could have seen him again but it was big fun to be there and get to experience a little bit of his world!  He loves motocross, stays nice and calm and takes care of business out there.  I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be (thank goodness for pads and helmets!) and really had a blast!  Good job, Aidan!  We love you bunches!

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