Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Amarillo Fun

I've neglected the blog but I have a good excuse.  I have been having way too much fun with the kids and grandkids to be stuck on the computer!  We are actually in Dallas now, after leaving Amarillo and spending a week in Abilene.  So it's catch up time:

Bonnie and I took Emery to the library one day. She was so excited to see all the books.  (I love that!)  She and Bonnie read a few while I carried Luke around and kept him amused. 

We checked out several books to bring home and Emery immediately had Grandpa reading them with her.

Rich and I went out to see our friends Mona and Alex one night at their home but I failed to take photos.  Mona, Rich and I went to high school together in NJ all those many years ago and after Bonnie moved to Amarillo, we were able to get together on most of our visits.  We had a nice time catching up at their house and then they came by to get us for lunch another day so were able to see the kids.

I think Mona enjoyed her baby holding time!

Meanwhile Alex became fast friends with Emery while working puzzles.

Another night, Rich cooked some pasta for a crowd.

Rich and David

David's brother Jonathan

My niece Bryana's husband Seth worked on Bonnie and David's electrical while the girls played outside before we all had dinner.

Bonnie, Emery, Bryana, Josie the dog, and Lilly

Cousins Bonnie and Bryana

Lilly and Emery

Two of our cute girls

Rich and I made strawberry shortcake and these girls LOVED it!

Cute little Luke, almost three weeks old

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