Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Days in Abilene

Yet another Lego project!  Aidan and Grandpa had lots of good bonding time over building these fancy vehicles!

We stopped by West Texas Rehab, where I worked for many years.  It was great to see quite a few of my former coworkers. Funny thing is that several of them, including Mary Lou and Linda, seen here, had left Rehab at one time or another and now are back.  It was like "old home week!"

Time to say our goodbyes. :(   We had a wonderful time!  Rich, Corey, Susan, Ally, Aidan and me

 Grandpa and Gigi with the kids

It's always hard to leave!  As I said when leaving Amarillo, the only good thing is that we were off to visit the next set of kids so it's a little bittersweet--difficult to head out, but excited to see the Dallas crew!

Once again we relied on friends to get us to the next destination. I am not sure why everything has to be so expensive but we looked into flying ONE WAY to Dallas from Abilene...less than an hour flight...and it was over $200 EACH. Seriously!  So Connie, Kelly and Audra decided they wanted a shopping day in the metroplex anyway and were nice enough to drive us all the way to Arlington. We had fun chatting along the way, stopping at World Market, and getting lunch before Sarah picked us up in Arlington and took us to Dallas.  Bye, bye, Abilene family and friends!  We love you!

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