Saturday, July 21, 2012

On to Abilene (July 4 through 11)

We are back at home so I am way behind on posting.  Catching up on vacation:

Next stop, Abilene!  We were so happy to see these sweethearts, Susan and Ally above, Ally and Aidan below.

As I mentioned, David took us to Post and we chatted most of the way, although he was supposed to be editing photos (while Rich was driving, technically!)  We probably kept him from getting much work done.  Our friend Jim met us in Post and we all had lunch together before David headed back to Amarillo and we went on to Abilene.  Weren't they both super nice to chauffeur us?!

Aidan loves working on Lego projects and always enlists Grandpa's help when we are together.  This was the first of several very complicated tasks.  I think it's pretty great that they have their own little traditions and have fun working together.

Susan and Corey,  out to dinner the next day.  My sister Kathi, my niece Alana, and Alana's cute baby Oren came  in from San Antonio for a quick visit.  We have family and friends all over Texas and it's really hard to try to see everyone.  We were thrilled that they took the time to make that long drive for just an overnight.
Alana and Oren
My friend Karen and my sister Kathi.   We stayed at Karen's home and kept the kids with us most nights so had a great time just hanging out and doing lots of things together.

Ally, Karen, Aidan, Kathi, Alana, Oren; Susan, Corey and Jane standing
Alana and Oren back at Karen's house

Kathi and grandson Oren
The next day we went swimming at the pool at Kathi's hotel. Aidan and Ally love the water!

Oren enjoyed it, too!
Then we went to the play area at the mall and ran off some steam
before going to lunch and saying our goodbyes to the San Antonio crew.  Thanks for coming to see us!  xoxo

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