Saturday, September 19, 2015

Back to Dallas for a few days

I had a few more days in Dallas before flying back to Alaska.  Sarah and I went back to one of the apartments we'd visited and I rented one for Rich and me.  Move in date: October 22!  Very exciting! We also went to her bank and I opened a new account. And we went to look at furniture.  I have never furnished and decorated a house from scratch before so it's gonna be lots of fun!

 Hanging out with Jack at the house
Elle is quite the little soccer player and continues to get better and better every time I visit.  She always plays really hard!  She made a goal in this game.
 With Elle and Beck
 Elle had a game at 9 and then another one at noon.  Beck had one at 11:45.  We all went to Elle's first game, then Miles was going to take her to her second game while Sarah and I went to Beck's. We came home in between and Jack went down for a nap. Since he was still asleep, I stayed home with him while the parents went to the kids' games.  Beck was also on fire that day and made three goals!  Sorry I missed that!
I'm looking forward to being in the same town so I can participate in more of the grandkids' activities!

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