Friday, September 18, 2015

Goodbye to these little sweeties....but not for long!

Rich and I have been talking about retiring and moving to Texas next summer.  We bought a house in Dallas a little over a  year ago and have been renting it out.  Although I have been antsy to move closer to the kids and grandkids for awhile, Rich is the reasonable one and always wants to make sure we will have enough money for retirement so we don't "outlive our money" or become destitute and dependent upon others.  :)  I think he would have stayed here in Unalaska a lot longer if it had not been for my desire to be closer to family, but he has also come to look forward to the day when we would begin the next chapter of our lives. 

When we get a little frustrated, we've talked about leaving sooner than next summer, but he has always maintained that we needed to at least wait till after the first of the year.  Imagine my surprise when he called me very early one morning when I was in Texas to say he'd been thinking a lot about it and was planning to go into work and give his notice!  Why not leave now?!  What's keeping us from going?  Now these are the things that I usually say, so it was a shock to hear them from him all of a sudden!  I said, "I won't believe it till you call me back and tell me you've done it!"  Sure enough, a few hours later, he called back and said it was done.  Wowie!  I have a big radio pledge drive coming up October 9 so I told him I could not leave till after that was finalized.  Suddenly we are planning a big change!

I am crazy excited and also a little anxious about the fact that we now have about a month to take care of a major move from remote Alaska to Texas, all the while both of us are very busy at work. But we can do it, right?!  More on all that later!

I am usually pretty sad to leave the kids behind but this time it didn't feel like such a big deal. We'll be back soon! 

 They're still sweet enough to let Gigi kiss on them, though I did promise Aidan I wouldn't embarrass him when I dropped him off at 6th grade!

 Love these little darlings so much!

 Susan and her kids
Poor Corey was working a lot so we didn't get to see him too much.  I think the only photo I have of him is one of his back at the motocross track! Sorry, Corey!  Next time!

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