Friday, September 18, 2015

"Meet the Teacher" with Luke, Lunch with Emery, and Luke Starts Pre-K

Luke will be attending Preschool two days a week this year. We went to meet his teachers and see his classroom one morning.  He was a little reluctant to go in at first, but after seeing all the fun stuff, he then did not want to leave!

 With his teachers, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Sheila
 We met Emery for lunch and her comment was, "Aren't you so happy you get to come see my cafeteria?!"
 Daddy was able to get away from his own teaching duties to join us.

 A strangle-hug
 Luke started Preschool and had a great day!

Bonnie had to decorate a little person to look like Luke to bring with him the first day.  He loves Spiderman right now so they went with that theme.  Pretty impressive, huh?!
 Cute boy  is growing up on us!

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