Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On to Clyde and Abilene

I drove to Clyde and met up with these two little cuties.  Their dad was just about to go to work (and mom was already at work) so I took the kids to Abilene and we did a little shopping.  They love stuff they can build and put together!

 Ally with her gift from The Netherlands, and another "squishy ball."
 Aidan with a "squishy ball" and a book about the Roman Colosseum
 Yes, he is taller than Gigi and I don't like it a bit!!
 We went to Ally's "meet the teacher" night--here she is finding out who her teacher would be.
 In her classroom
Kids being goofy!
Ally with her teacher, who said "She's one of my favorite girls!"

 First day of school!  Aidan is in 6th and Ally in 2nd.  They both had a great day!

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